About Pharox

Our promise to you our customers and to our beautiful planet is to make light bulbs that offer maximum energy efficiency without compromising on quality. The fundamentals of our brand are that we are innovative, meaningful, authentic and reliable; we strive daily to ensure that we live by these values and constantly strive to deliver them. We prefer to speak directly to smaller more targeted audiences who want to listen, make a difference and buy quality, so you won’t be seeing any big TV campaigns from us! We love to socialise with you and build new partnerships, and will interact mainly via online and through public relations because we are different.

We offer a broad range of products, maximum savings on energy costs and a long lifespan on light bulbs that are easy to install. Pharox is emotion, so our light bulbs offer warm, natural, dimmable light. Our mission is to make sure that you are able to manage your energy costs as efficiently as possible, while helping to save the planet. We continue to work with people who want to make the difference, primarily because they consider buying our products to save energy, money and the environment, whilst not compromising on quality and the level of comfort of thelight they have grown to love and rely on.

We challenge ourselves and our competitors because we dare to listen to you, our customers, whether it’s about our cylindrical packaging or just to exchange ideas with you, because that’s what is important to us, you! We are open and honest with everyone we deal with and don’t like to hide things from anyone, including our competition. Yes we are different, we speak differently, act differently and continue to reinvent
ourselves, but that’s because we prefer a personal, warm and down-to-earth approach. We share what we think and are completely transparent, we are very
proud of what we do and can speak with complete confidence about everything we do and offer. We think positively, so we speak positively. That’s us.
That’s Pharox!

our vision

It’s a good thing that we at Pharox take light as seriously as global warming and focus our attention to bringing light at little expense to our beautiful planet. We believe in sustainability, real sustainability, not just as a marketer’s term to sell more light bulbs, but as the core of our product. We know and believe that the world needs more sustainable lighting to save energy, which really helps the environment with the added bonus of saving money. We know that we can and do make a difference in energy consumption by bringing our light to you, our treasured customers.

We are aware that some other energy-efficient light bulbs are flawed because the designers forgot one thing, people, people who want light, warm light, REAL light, light that they can use in any way they desire! Pharox believe in light that excels on all levels, long-life light with maximum energy efficiency combined with the comfort and atmosphere consumers love. But better, we observe, speak and listen to you all as we search for solutions that suit your needs. We don’t care if it seems impossible, in fact we love the impossible, nor commercial enough, we care about what matters, you and our planet. We believe any company should be willing and able to constantly reinvent itself with its products and when necessary, be flexible by adapting its products to meet its customers’ needs.

With new technologies, bright ideas and unexpected collaborations, the world is changing constantly and when all is said and done, our purpose is to reduce energy use and protect our environment. So we are calling for everyone’s help to continue with our vision and mission, while we work hard to make light bulbs that offer maximum energy efficiency without compromising customer needs. We enjoy a good challenge so we listen to our customers and work hard to implement their ideas and requirements into our products. This gives us a leading advantage to quickly adapt our products and gently force the competition into following our innovation. We create lighting solutions we are proud of and that make a real difference to our customers by reducing energy consumption while striving for a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

We are the only LED company in the world to have a registered Carbon Reduction program under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism scheme – thereby generating Certified Emission Reduction certificates (carbon credits), which in their own hold a monetary value.

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Carbon Reduction Program